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About the 5g oi Lab

Our mission is to create and serve an ever-growing ecosystem where visionary entrepreneurs, enterprise platform and industry leaders, technical experts, investors and others come together to collaboratively and rapidly explore, experiment, develop, test and ultimately bring to market game-changing software solutions to accelerate digital transformation across all industries.

In our decades of experience at major tech companies, our diverse team has experienced firsthand how silos of technology, knowledge, capital, and talent stymie innovation and growth. We have developed a comprehensive ecosystem approach to break down those barriers, passionately serving as expert guides in your business journey, where we turn visions into reality.  As we often say, innovation is a team sport.



"Ecosystem builders are creating an invisible infrastructure in their communities to support entrepreneurs...It’s not about physical spaces, fancy buildings, pools of capital, or big institutions. Instead, ecosystem builders focus on building consistent, collaborative human engagement. It’s about process, not product. Context, not content. The journey, not the destination."
- Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Playbook



5G Open Innovation Lab is not an incubator or accelerator, but rather a platform for innovation through ecosystem-building

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The 5G Open Innovation Lab

Our ecosystem is growing. Join us and let’s change the world. Together.

We are located at: Global Innovation Exchange, 12280 NE District Way, Bellevue WA, 98005

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